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Building in a building

Taken on a visit to the city of Lyon in France.

Entertainment Hall

Taken while walking in the 'Old Town' in Geneva.


Taken inside an old manor house.

Canary Wharf

Outside shot of The business centre of Canary wharf.

Rochester Cathedral

Inside shot of the main part of Rochester Cathedral.

Glenfinnan church

Taken on a visit to The Scottish Highlands.

A building in Glasgow

Old building reflecting in the new .

City of Budapest

Reflections in a glass building.

The Natural History Museum

Inside the museum.

Natural History Museum

Reflection of The Natural History Museum in a puddle.

London Skyline

Taken from across The Thames at dawn.

Bodium Castle

Taken one cold winter morning.


Taken inside a church in Barcelona.

Colourful Buildings

A couple of buildings in Greenwich

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