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Princes Street in Edinburgh

Edinburgh at Christmas

Castel Sant'Angelo

Castle and museum in Rome.

The Vatican

Taken recently on a trip to Rome very late one night.

Houses of Parliament

London by night.

Kilmun Graveyard

Taken while on a trip to Dunoon in Scotland.

London Cityscape

Taken on very early morning at Canary Wharf

Strone Castle

Taken on night on a trip to Dunoon in Scotland

Tropical Sunset

Taken while on holiday in The Seychelles.

Tropical sunset

As the sun was setting in The Seychelles.

Fire spinning

Taken while on a photo walk in London.

Dramatic sunset

The setting sun over London.

London Skyline

London by night in Black and White.

The Esmerelda

Taken while on a night photo walk in London.

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